2048 is a single-player puzzle game. There are 16 small squares in the game. You need to give you the number assigned by the game, and 2048 can be obtained through multiple moves and overlays before you can win the game.

How to play 2048 game:

There are 16 squares in 2048 games. You can slide the numbers given to you in four directions: up, down, left, right. Every time you slip, all the number squares will follow the sliding path, and the system will also display a number square in the new place immediately, and the squares with the same number will overlap when they close and collide. The number box given by the system is either 2 or 4. You have to find a way to round up the “2048” number box in this small range of 16 squares.

In 2048, the orientation of the number direction should also be carefully considered, and the numbers with relatively small number differences should be gradually superimposed, instead of blindly following the large numbers.

2048 undo

If you make a mistake in 2048 games, you can have the chance to regret it when you encounter such a situation. After one step of regret, you can return to the position before the mistake, and then you can proceed with the operation.

The volume of a cube is of great help to learning. It can help you learn and review simple mathematical formulas and concepts.

Mahjongg is a unique mahjong game. It looks like an original Mahjong Lianliankan game. You need to click and connect two identical candy mahjong on the screen, and then you can eliminate them. Clicker heroes are easy to operate. You only need to click to cause damage to the creature. The creature’s health value will disappear, and other animals will appear.

Here are some popular games for you. Tank trouble 2 children and adults can play. It not only liberated our creativity but also developed our vision, strategy, and skills. Henry stickman is an addictive game popular with children. All ages can play Dress up. It provides you with a creative and fashionable platform where you can experience the fun of designers.